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Traveling with your tribe means...



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Travel is all about your sense of wonder and exploration. I have been exploring the world for many years in many different styles, but I confess, my heart and soul is in

small group travel.

From taking groups of perfect strangers around the globe on organized tours, to experiencing world changing events with wide-eyed, naïve students, to fulfilling bucket-list moments with my own extended family,  to exploring cultures and cuisine with lifelong friends, I have learned that there is nothing quite like seeing the world through different lenses.


 Sharing Adventures Together

Traveling with a tribe changes our perspective on the adventures we experience, on the people we share it with, and on the world as a whole.


Words cannot adequately describe the magic you feel when your ailing mother is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being serenaded on a gondola in Venice. Postcards can’t replicate the excitement your child exudes when sharing facts about volcanoes with their grandfather over a pool of lava, bubbling up in the night air.


Traveling in any group elevates our experiences and expands our perspectives. Others help open our minds, relax our spirits, and

AMPLIFY our Memories on the Move.

On the flip side,

Traveling with your tribe means...


More Opinions

More Decisions

More Stress

More Chaos

...unless you choose


I work closely with all of your key organizers to establish a base itinerary for the group. This includes reaching out to learn about all members involved, and tailoring your adventure to accommodate everyone’s hopes and dreams.



Access to Block  Space*

Suppliers often block of space for groups accessible only through a travel advisor


Access to Private Excursions*

Having your own group gives you access to your own private tours to tailor to your own interests


Access to More  Amenities*

Suppliers often reserve special upgrades and amenities for larger parties and groups


Access to MOTMT  Experience

MOTM brings years of personal experience and industry training to provide a stress-free experience

*Benefits depend on group size & supplier policies

Most importantly, in knowing that I am here to take care of every detail, you can truly immerse yourself in fun!

What better excuse do you have to travel than to spend quality time with the prized people in your life?


Don’t just wait for a special occasion or a big milestone!

You will never regret sharing

Unimaginable Experiences, Exuberant Laughter, and Epic Stories

that will be told for years to come.

Who is Your Tribe?

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