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Travel Made Easy

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I know what it’s like to always have that “thing” that doesn’t let you stop moving long enough to make dream vacations happen. 


So, here at Memories on the Move Travel, you don’t have to stop moving! I create unique, custom itineraries for all groups, families, and armchair adventurers. All you have to do is relax, enjoy, and don’t forget the camera!

Are you always on the movebut never heading to the places you really want to be with the people that matter most?


Do your obligations get in the way of researching locations, 

vetting suppliers,

and planning itineraries

to make your hard-earned vacation days

and savings count?

The MOTM Difference

Saves you Time

The Internet is a great tool to learn about places and approximate prices.


However,  drowning in a sea of info that only adds more questions is no way to spend your valuable time.  I will book and keep track of all the moving parts including, flights, transfers, lodging, tours, activities, etc for you.

Saves you Money

There are bargains to be found but, between fine print, hidden fees and limited calendar options, Is it really a bargain?


Value often beats a bargain. I have access to preferential rates that often come with some exclusive perks and amazing amenities for you. 

Saves you Brain Space

Some days, we just don't have the bandwidth to keep it all straight.


With my out-of-the box thinking, personal experience and industry insight through certifications,  trainings and seminars, I can create an unforgettable vacation experience just for you. 

Saves you Stress

I work for you!

(Not the travel industry)


My whole purpose is to help create an inspired detailed itinerary that is the designed around your interests and to keep it as stress-free as possible. I can't stop the unexpected, but I will always be there for you to help smooth out any bumps along the way.


My Planning Process

Step  1:     Get in Touch

COMPLETE THE INQUIRY FORM: Send an inquiry email requesting a planning form. This form allows me to gain some insight into what you thinking about or hoping for when it comes to your next dream vacation.

Step 2:   Let's Chat

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION:  Schedule your video or phone call so, no one is playing phone tag. During this no pressure chat, I get to know you, your travel style, interests, and must-have's Also, you get to know me, ask any questions, explore ideas, and decide if you want to get "on the move" towards your dream adventure.  **

Step 3:  Reserve Your Dream

MAKE DECISIONS:  Based on what I've learned during our chat, I will begin researching and refining options within your budget and style to create a detailed adventure, including flights, accommodations, tours and activities just for you.

Step 4:    Mark Your Calendar

FINALIZE THE DETAILS: Once you love your personally crafted itinerary, then deposits and bookings will be made. I will keep track of all the moving parts of your reservation. so, you never need to worry except about what you should pack. (I can even help with that if you'd like.) Your vacation should reduce your stress, not add to it. 

Step 5:     Pack  Your Bags

EXPERIENCE THE JOY: You are now ready to travel with confidence and ease on a unique itinerary built just for you. If needed, you will always be able to reach me for support if some bumps arise during your travels. 

Step 6:  Welcome  Home

REMINISCE AND SHARE: When you are safely home and back to the grind, I'd love to touch base, to hear stories and to see pictures. I want to learn what types of experiences you especially enjoyed so we can make sure to add them in the next time you want to make Memories on the Move. 

** A planning/design fee is applied based on your trip's length and complexity, which will be discussed during complimentary consultation


Are you ready to share exceptional experiences with the people that matter most? 

Then, you are ready to make 


(click below to get started)

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