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Putting the World within Your Reach

Sharing Adventures Together


What do they all have in common?

They sound great in your head, but somehow always get drowned out by the chaos of daily life.

When you and your loved ones are always on the move, it doesn't take long to go from researching destinations to running errands. With the never-ending, to-do list, both adventure and quality time together have a bad habit of slipping away. 

At Memories on the Move Travel, I believe that you should never have to choose between the daily grind and making memories with the people that matter most.

   I can't stop the world from moving,

but I have made it my mission to help people move together .

Sunset Bar
Ruined Ancient Architecture
city in greece
New York City
Colorful Beach
Tucson, Arizona
Eiffell Tower

Embark on an Unforgettable

In a digital age, most people know how to book their own flights and hotels, but who has the time for endless researching, coordinating logistics and planning all the once-in-a-lifetime, unique experiences just for you.  I DO!


Whether you already have a destination in mind or need help choosing one that fits your budget and travel style, I am here for you.


With Memories on the Move Travel, you get a meticulously planned adventure from start to finish to help you start checking off your bucket list. I deliver inspired vacations, packed with special moments you can share together.

Move Together.
Make Memories that Last Forever.

Take the First Step to turn Dreams into Plans!


I am Judi Lombardi

Founder and Chief Memory Mover

     I know that you have big dreams and things you want to see, but I also know that days turn into years and your bucket-list keeps growing. It’s not that you can’t plan it. It’s that you don’t want to just travel, you want to travel your way.

     No matter your budget, everyone wants to get the most for their money and time. While planning a vacation often starts out exciting, it can quickly turn into analysis paralysis and before you realize it, you’re lost in the research rabbit hole.

     We outsource so many pieces of our day-to-day life, why not outsource our vacation planning?

     As the world changes, so does the travel industry.  Don’t add stress to something that should bring you joy and wonder. Allow Memories on the Move Travel to handle the nitty-gritty details, so you can spend more time making memories on the move and sharing adventures with the people that matter.

"Traveling in the company of those we love, is Home in Motion"  -Leigh Hunt

Travel Your Way

Whether you are traveling with one other person, a few other couples, your closest girlfriends, your extended family or  a community group of like-minded people, all of the following travel inspirations can be tailored to your unique needs and style in a personalized itinerary with our custom travel planning expertise. 

Sun & Fun Getaways
Rediscovering America
European Escapades
Wild Wanderings
Cruise Adventures
"Judi has been planning our trips for years. Each time we not only had a detailed itinerary for a stress-free vacation, but she always includes fun, unique experiences that you never thought you'd try. When someone LOVES  what they do, it shows in their work. Hers clearly does. We are forever thankful for our trips to remember."

- Kathy & Michael Ball

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