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Wild Wanderings

Inside most of us is a young explorer with a lingering desire to find new frontiers, embrace diverse environments, and learn more about the world around us, and by doing so, learn more about ourselves along the way.

Don’t let the adventure at the edge of your comfort zone get away from you! Whether you want to trail a pride of lions on the hunt in the Kenyan savannah, zip-line through lush Costa Rican rainforest, or embark on a journey bound to expand your horizons, I design exotic itineraries tailored to all group sizes and types of explorers.

These WILD WANDERINGS are truly adventure reimagined. Take a leap and I promise to create a safe and exciting experience that will accommodate all members of your party, and maybe even reshape your perspective on life.

Itinerary Inspirations:

- African Safari

- Costa Rican Rainforest

- Aussie Adventures

- Galapagos Discovery


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